IEQAB Institutional Awards

IEQAB Awards and Programs are recognized and Accredited by WAC (World Accreditation Commission), ITQSM (Institute of Total Quality Service Measurement), BQS (Board of Quality Standards), and EIEAS (European International Education Accreditation Standards), QAHE or IAQAHE (International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-tertiary and Higher Education), GCTIA (Great Commission Tehological Institute Accreditation) respectively.

There are several categories of awards for institutional excellence offered by IEQAB International Board on a yearly basis. The awards recognize significant International and institutional achievements in the open and distance learning methodologies, innovative and effective application of technology-enabled learning, training, teaching, and other experiences. The prestigious Global Education Awards from IEQAB will recognize, encourage and celebrate excellence Global achievement in the higher education sector from both International and National arenas and especially privately funded institutions, tertiary educational institutions, academies, open distance learning academics, Universities, colleges, schools, for example coming from Foundations, Inc. (Incorporations), Autonomous, Partnership ventures, and Proprietorship initiatives.

The following awards are designed to highlight or focus on the key areas that impact upon student performance and provide opportunities for Higher Education providers and Further, Continuing Higher Education (CHE) and Professional Training (PT), their employees, and contributors, to have their achievements recognized across the various important facets of their branding, service magical, reliability and operations. Only Shortlisted Institutions will be reviewed performances and Awards will be granted to the successful entities by the Board decision. The Education Institutional Awards and the evaluation, review, and judging process will be overseen by an IEQAB independent panel of experts drawn from the higher education sector, both domestic and international.


NOMINATION: You nominate an establishment, entity or organization.

JUDGING: A panel of IEQAB independent Board/judges then review the shortlist and agree on one winner of the Award for each institutional category.

DECLARATION OF THE AWARDS: The winners for each category are announced through e-mail correspondence to get the Award digitally or during the award ceremonies in IEQAB and managed by its Partnered organized venue physically.


List of Institutional Awards Offers by IEQAB:

Education Excellence Award

Academic Excellence Award

Faculty Teaching Award

Excellence in Teaching

University of the Year

Private University of the Year

Innovate the use of Technology in Education

Research & Innovation in the University

Research & Innovation in Higher Education

Research & Innovation in Education Excellence

Best College Award

Best College of the Year

Best University Award

Best University of the Year

Best Private University of the Year

Best Online University of the Year

Best Distance Learning University Award

Best Open & Distance Learning University Award

Best Distance Learning University of the Year

College Success Award

Best Business School award

Best Arts & Sciences College Award

Best Science & Technology Award

Best Law College Award

Outstanding Law School Award

Best Business Management College

Best Emerging Business Schools

Primary School of the Year

Higher Secondary School of the Year

Higher Education Provider of the Year

Distinguished Alumni Awards etc.




The past few years has shown the world how hard people work in the Higher Education Sector and truly how important teachers are. These awards are for all of you so special (Faculties/Teachers) who put in so much time to make amazing in teaching, research, innovation service, to dedicate merit, effort, and professionalism in making The Overall Education so great.

Distinguished Professorship Award,

Top Distinguished Professorship Award,

The Most Dedicated Professor Award,

Top International Professor Award,

Top 100 Professors Award,

Distinguished Vice-Chancellor (VC) Award for Outstanding Achievement,

Student Friendly Professor Award,

Best Classroom Teacher Award,

Distinguished Teacher Award of the Year,

IEQAB Fellowship Award (FIEQAB),

The Most Promising Teacher Award,

The Global Teacher Prize,

Global Teacher Award,

Headteacher / Principal / Dean of the Year

Education Hero Award

Teacher/ Lecturer of the Year

Best Teacher Award

The Best Teacher Ever

World’s Best Teacher Award

Special Teacher Award

Top Teacher Award

Best Full-Time Teacher Award

Best Part-Time Teacher Award

Best Adjunct Teacher/Faculty Award

Women in STEM award

Women Noble Teacher of the Year Award

Excellence in Teaching Award

Lifetime Achievement, etc.




This is very simple to apply for the Award or nominate yourself or others, just share with the IEQAB board Awardees full profile / brief profile and a Color Photograph, Latest Academic Certificate, Latest Work Experience Certificate issued from the concerned College/University/School and submit it to   C.C. to 

IEQAB Administrative Office will reply to you back within 72 hours maximum about the acceptance of your nomination/application for the award. Thank you for your keen interest in such great honorary awards from the Super Excellence International IEQAB Accrediting Body.

Best Quality Assurance Body RECOGNITION AWARD 2023

IEQAB Global Accreditation Authority proud to annouce that IEQAB received The “Best Quality Assurance Body RECOGNITION AWARD 2023” from ANBIP (All nations Bible Institutions & Projects), South Africa. ANBIP is registered and recognized by the SAQA, DHET (Private Higher Education), SOUTH AFRICA.