College Program : Tanning Program, Diploma Program

Country : Austria

Year : 2022

Validity : July 31, 2027

GEPEA -Global Educational and Professional Excellence Academy

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARDS & RECOGNITION CATEGORIES: There are always fewer honors and awards than people who really deserve them. The Award is specifically dedicated to those individuals who have made their major contribution and dedication towards respective field. The Awards, Honors, Recognition is considered to be the most prestigious award available in the field of Business, Chemistry, Arts, Literature, History, physics, physiology, peace activism, Economics, Agriculture, or medicine etc. Ph.D. Levels – Honorary, Masters, Diplomas. GEPEA Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D. Earned/Academic): Ph.D. by thesis, Ph.D. by Prior Publication, Professional Doctorate (IP Ph.D.), Industrial Ph.D. in various majors available. GEPEA Doctor of Philosophy (Honorary): IP Ph.D. (Hon/HC), (Major subject can be varied in nature). If you’re a professional in any area such as Research Analyst, Consultant, Academician, Psychologist, Pharmacist, Physician, Engineer, Chartered Accountant/Accountant/ Management Accountant, Auditor, Senior Corporate Executive, Senior Commercial Banker/Financial Officer, NGO Officer/Executive, Lawyer, then you may apply or nominate someone for eligibility check in the Ph.D. program registration. ACADEMIC PROFESSIONAL STUDY PROGRAMS: GEPEA Master Degrees: GEPEA introduces International Professional Master Degree Programs in diverse areas for instance, GEPEA M.Phil. (Master of Philosophy), IPMBA, IPMSC/IPMS, IPMA (Master of Arts), IPMRes (Master of Research), IPMLIS (Master of Library Science), IPMPA (Master of Public Administration), and so on. GEPEA also offers, IP M.Phil. (Hon/HC) program.